A sharp intake of breath

September 24, 2010

Things that have bugged my over active mind this week…

Does anyone care about being real anymore? Or are we just too strung out on information to care.

2.21 onwards ————————> listen
The man was a prophet.

What do we have to show for ourselves?



The decade that integrity forgot.



Live for today

September 16, 2010

Okie dokie.

Everyone’s life is hard. That’s not much of a secret. Is anyone’s life harder than the person behind the desk at a gas petrol station>>?


I mean music’s hard. But nothing saps the soul like a little neon light. I consider myself well incubated. We might even be “generation neon” for all I care. When you leave a city I don’t think it’s just the fresh air that relaxes you. It’s the NATURAL LIGHT.

So on my car stereo this week spinsss……………

High Violet – The National

Burial – Untrue

This town needs guns EP ( freakin lush)

That’s a tidy collection of happy tunes I hear you cry. Well.
I was born on the minor side.

Plus, there is beauty in being miserable. Just ask …

Thom Yorke
Elliott Smith

rest in peace

I wrote under this light…

See… *click on it*

Ok then, to lighten the mood. Something funny to end on.
I’ll write again when I’ve finished laughing at this…

(poss never then) ………………… joke

It’s lonely here so feel free to comment me.
In return I’ll attempt to splurge my brain on here every few days.


“Pump number 5 and this…” *hands copy of newspaper over*

Do you want a VAT receipt with that?”

“No, I’m good thanks”.

Ok, Forty Eight pound fifty please

*cries internally*

– Kieran