Live for today

September 16, 2010

Okie dokie.

Everyone’s life is hard. That’s not much of a secret. Is anyone’s life harder than the person behind the desk at a gas petrol station>>?


I mean music’s hard. But nothing saps the soul like a little neon light. I consider myself well incubated. We might even be “generation neon” for all I care. When you leave a city I don’t think it’s just the fresh air that relaxes you. It’s the NATURAL LIGHT.

So on my car stereo this week spinsss……………

High Violet – The National

Burial – Untrue

This town needs guns EP ( freakin lush)

That’s a tidy collection of happy tunes I hear you cry. Well.
I was born on the minor side.

Plus, there is beauty in being miserable. Just ask …

Thom Yorke
Elliott Smith

rest in peace

I wrote under this light…

See… *click on it*

Ok then, to lighten the mood. Something funny to end on.
I’ll write again when I’ve finished laughing at this…

(poss never then) ………………… joke

It’s lonely here so feel free to comment me.
In return I’ll attempt to splurge my brain on here every few days.


“Pump number 5 and this…” *hands copy of newspaper over*

Do you want a VAT receipt with that?”

“No, I’m good thanks”.

Ok, Forty Eight pound fifty please

*cries internally*

– Kieran









8 Responses to “Live for today”

  1. Will Gortoa said

    Spooky! I was thinking about this recently, and also thinking about WordPress, too! You may’ve just nudged me a bit closer… : )

    Two things: Firstly, that’s clearly not Denver. That’s in a side room of Spearmint Rhino in Slough where people are told they can’t touch the performer when they’re, er… 😉 And, secondly, a valuable life lesson: never put more than a maximum of £25 at a time in your fuel tank. It’ll save on those uncomfortable emotional scenes at the checkout. : )

    • Hmmm lapdancing and economising. How do I respond? Thanks for the tip though. I think wordpress is where it’s at
      cause it’s more flexible. Yes, that photo is Alphington Road petrol station. Just around the corner from
      It there was a big billboard of David Cameron which someone had painted the word ‘peasants’ on.

  2. cat said

    kieran, i quite agree, life is hard… from some old words of mine… [life is hard. and no one can convince me otherwise. but i wouldn’t trade my life for the world. because it’s made me who i am today. :)] i love your musical tastes, you never disappoint… and there is nothing wrong with minor side when it moves you… smile, though your heart is aching…. 🙂 x

  3. Oh no, I’m still there. I was just passing through a station
    that I photographed and got thinking, that’s all. 😉

    • Rosie said

      Oh, I thought you’d left or something.

      If it’s any consolation, I have a sixteen hour day on Wednesday and probably no weekend. Yay?

  4. Russ said

    So glad you’re writing this..
    I write music with my wife (many car journeys made better by hollering ‘Nova’ at the tops of our lungs) and we’e just taken the plunge & quit our jobs to commit to it. Scary!!

    We’re battling with how we do it, trying to simplify our lives as much as possible etc. Anyway thanks, somehow it’s encouraging to see that after spilling out great albums since the Buffseeds days you’re still having to work hard at jobs you don’t really want just to keep going with what you really want to do. Inspiring.


    Russ & Kate
    (we’re writing here:

    • Thanks you two. It’s great that people have been following me/us for that long. It’s a really scary place to be but it’s where you need to be to make a success of it. Your blogs great btw. I’m gonna have to get used to updating mine reguarily. Take heart (or this may just depress you lol) but every working musician I know is broke. It’s part of the lifestyle. I do believe determination is generally all we have to give. Just be reassured that whenever you feel like you’re up against it, everyones fleecing you and you just wanna give up, there are many more along side you. Cheering you on.

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