I’m fighting things I cannot see

October 2, 2010

Suzanne Vega on vinyl was my 1980’s.

Was it that she looked a little like Carrie Fisher?
my other true one love aged 7
Not sure

She’s deadly important from a female point of view.
Sharp words, beautiful tone. Substance over style.
Did not use her looks to make you listen.
She just made you listen

I listened.
She made me want to write songs.
Sure, years later, Billy Corgan would make me want to turn my guitar up reeeeeeeeeeeeally loud.
Suzanne though, is a song writers song writer.

Hotter than an intergalactic space princess from planet Alderaan?
hmmmm.. nearly.

More talented than a decade of let me show you my breasts and move like this and see if you’ll buy my record misogynistic bullshit.


See? I wasn’t lying about the StarWars thing. Apologies to my cousin Chris though, who is wearing red and white striped socks with his Spiderman slippers.



2 Responses to “I’m fighting things I cannot see”

  1. A* said

    There was a song I wandered through
    From two inspiring point of views
    That taught me things by throwing clues
    In right directions

    It lifted me above the clouds
    And showed me life and love out loud
    It gave me strength, and made me proud
    of my affections


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