Well, my absence I would  liken to the image of waiting for a good wave.

Which never turned up.

So off the back of an unbearably bad few months I find myself, back at the mac, trying to adjust my truth radar into something I can actually type without being fed to the dogs. Maybe that’s my problem.  I would like to think that I do take on board what my friends say about me, and if I can have an honest good hard look at myself and say ‘yes, you’re right to say that about me, guilty as charged’. But I’m not rolling over on everything, otherwise you just end up being a mug. And to be honest I have felt more like walking this last month than I have ever felt in my whole life. Like, staring at a desk, contemplating my forty hour week, mushed like pulp into one endless cycle of walking to and from my car, staring at a screen, writing emails, dealing with unreasonable people, imposing grey walls sucking my soul dry, seeing the daylight come and go without the pleasure of even..

walking in the sunshine.

But enough about me and my doom. Let’s talk about…

How awesome Mona are…


About time someone did something exciting with guitars. I mean,what is this decade going to be remembered for? Beginning with a celebration of vapid, computer tuned, candyfloss soulless bs that appears to be marketed as music?
Some of the arts are maintaining their dignity.

And so my time this last week has been distracted by the following…

And that’s it for today – I’ll try to be a little more on it for March. I guess there are times in your life where you just need to take stock and adjust your ambitions, or look at your options and work out if it’s really possible for you to slam a door behind you. I had my mid-life crisis early, I peaked and made a record. I certainly don’t want to drift into another one but my goodness lately..

I am eyeing up that shiny red Ferrari.