Dear England

August 17, 2011

Doctor Frankenstein

Made a monster

Trick or treat skank master flash
I don’t suppose you know me
Ninety two years old
Two world wars
Scars you cannot match
I heard
The Vikings came by
Raping and pillaging my high street
No smoke without fire
No cause without effect
Dredged from the very barrel we all like to indulge
Every once in a while

In blank screams
And blacked out cars
Sprayed in blooms of thick red panic
The flowers retract
The shadows slink back to their pillars
The sea goes out
The fire laps upwards and back into the spark
The street breathes a sigh
The clock’s hand wobbles and clanks back a second
At a time.

The hypnosis
Of youth
Took us apart
Piece by piece

Nailed wooden doors
Nailed wooden windows
Broken head height lamp shades
Tagged concrete coffins
The undead, slumbering to action
Rising from their graves
We buried them here
Years ago
Under the cover of dark
Whilst the world looked away
At fireworks
Rainbow flooded skies
Saying “ooo” and “ahhh”
In all the right places.

Dr Frankestein
Made a monster

And now the roll call sounds
Town criers on their boxes
Hang them
Try them
Burn them
Kill them all

All of them

But I want to know

How can you kill someone

If they are already dead?